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Our Story

Riya Vipan Kalra


I often wondered if I could create something Magical. I think I did. Abrakadabra. Enthusiast, Passionate, Dedicated, Tech-geek, Beach bum and Pizza lover.


Q. What was your very first bra shopping experience?

If many of you instantly started reminiscing about the awkward days of facing a strange "old uncle" at the ‘ladies’ undergarment’ shop in your neighborhood, you already know why my sister and I decided to start a premium Indian lingerie brand.

We had our very first shopping experience in one of these local undergarment shops in our neighborhood. The intense ‘boob-stare’-led conversation about cup shape and size, a rather personal conversation to discuss with some random person, this was enough perhaps the most awkward experiences of our lives.

Forget about the ongoing trends or pretty lingerie, we both walked away with ill-fitted bras. Not only did the atmosphere of the shops make it too embarrassing for us to ask about valid questions regarding strap fitness or cup size, we realized that this is an experience that almost all Indian girls around the country had to go through. That needs to be changed.

Thus, CandySkin was born.

A premium lingerie brand made for women, by women!

It's time to be delicious with Candyskin.

- Riya Vipan Kalra


Travel and Bra-narchy

Candyskin would have never been born, had Riya and I not gotten a chance to see how sophisticated lingerie brands around the world conducted themselves. Studying, living and traveling abroad gave us the exposure that Indian brands had never provided. The way these brands catered to women was amazing.

Hot models that looked like angels displayed sexy and attractive lingerie. Female professionals helped us figure out our bra and cup size, while simultaneously making us feel like treasured customers. We got suggestions on what type of bra suited each of our body types and felt comfortable and attractive in our lingerie for the first time. We even had a professional to rely on during the most crucial stage of trial fitting.

Buying lingerie wasn't just shopping, it was an experience.

Having had this experience, we vowed to bring this to the Indian market in the form of Candyskin. Our brand stands for luxury and comfort at its finest.

A way to be delicious.

A way to be you.

- Richa Vipan Kalra